Situated in rural Somerset, England, AA Falconry have been breeding birds of prey by artificial insemination (AI) since 1990 becoming one of the largest breeders in Europe. Angelo Canape was one of the first falconers in Europe to develop the understanding and techniques required to breed Goshawks by AI bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to this specialised field. From starting out as a breeder purely due to a passion of birds of prey, we now export to satisfied customers from all over The UK, Europe, Asia, and The Middle East.
We also offer a bird control service that has taken us across The UK and Europe where we have used our knowledge and expertise to succesfully tackle avian pest related problems in a variety of situations ranging from 10,000 Seagulls spreading diseases and litter at Landfill sites in the South West of England, to Thermal Power Plants in Northern Italy where we use Hawks, netting and wiring, and other disturbane tactics to reduce the number of Pigeons nesting on the site.
Angelo’s passion and dedication has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding bird and wildlife behaviour, regularly being contacted by the RSPCA to help with conservation work and for consultancy on how to act with wild birds that end up at the centres.
In the late 80’s we began a project with Haul Waste (Now Viridor)to trial a new form of bird control using birds of prey as a method of removing 12,000 seagulls from one of their landfill sites. After a successful 3 month trial, it was understood that the use of birds of prey was a viable and effective method of bird control, and so bird control as we know it today was born.