Having spent over 25 years mastering Artificial Insemination we have been able to fine tune and refine our breeding stock to now produce some of the finest birds in Europe coming from the highest quality heritage and blood lines.

Our extensive range of Falcons and Hawks allows us to produce a huge variety of specialized birds for hunting and breeding.

Breeding Stock:

Over the years we have increased our breeding stock of Falcons to now produce some of the finest high flying birds in Europe. Specially selected blood lines allow us to produce a wide variety of high quality pure bred species and hybrids/tribrids. Our current Falcon breeding stock includes:

Perigrines, Scottish, Continental, Brookie, Welsh, Peales/Scottish, Red Naped Shaheen, Black Shaheen, Feldeggi Lanners.

Female Red naped Shaheen FalconFemale Peregrine Brookey FalconFemale Peales x Scottish Falcon
Female Black Shaheen FalconFalcon Eggs 2Falcon Eggs
Breeding Stock White Gyr FalconBlack Semen Donor Gyr FalconBlack Gyr Falcon
White Gyr FalconRed Naped Shaheen Female FalconPure Gyrfalcon Semen Donor
Gyr FalconMale Gyrfalcon
Falcon Hybrids

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Red Naped Shaheen Female FalconFemale Red naped Shaheen FalconBlack Semen Donor Gyr Falcon

Pure Hawks and Eagle

We have recently begun the process of diversifying our breeding stock to now produce Eagles and Hawks. Some of the species we breed include:

Harris Hawks, Redtails, Ferruginous, Steppe Eagle, Golden Eagle, Blue Chile Eagle, Bonelli Eagle

Monty 2 EagleMonty EagleBlue Chile Eagle 2
Blue Chile Eagle

Hybrid Hawks and Eagles:

Golden Eagle x any of the above species

Pure Goshawks:

We have been specialising in the breeding of Goshawks via AI for over 25 years gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the process. We now have a large range of Goshawk species and sub-species from some of the top blood lines currently available. Our extensive range of Goshawks includes:

Pure Albidus (parents imported directly from Kamchatka), Siberian Buteoides, Russian Buteoides.

Goshawk x Black SparrowhawkFinnish Male GoshawkFemale Russian x Finnish imprint Goshawk
Pure Albidus Female. Neve GoshawkPure Male Albidus GoshakwMale Albidus Semen Donor Building a nest Goshakw
Male Buteoides GoshakwPure Albidus Female Goshakw

Goshawk Hybrids: 

Black Sparrow Hawk x all of the above species

Pure Albidus x all of the above species

Siberian Buteoides x all of the above species